Discover Platte County May Edition: History

Thank you for taking some time and enjoying the historic pictures, articles, and information that was so generously provided by our contributing writers and local businesses and organizations.

We are excited to unveil our 2016 series, “Discover Platte County”, which is now complete with online features.
Supplementing this special edition is our brand new website,

At this site, you will find articles, links to our fantastic local businesses, and information updates on local events that you and your family can enjoy.

We are wanting you to reach out to us on social media as well. Be sure to post your family’s memories this summer to the Platte County Record-Times Instagram page. Simply tag the photos to the @recordtimes account, and help us get the #discoverplattecounty trend going!

Platte County is a region full of rich history just waiting to be explored. National Parks, historic sites and monuments, and historic downtown areas are begging for you and your family to visit and enjoy this summer.
In our May edition of “Discover Platte County” we are looking at the history of Platte County, but honestly, the only way to truly appreciate all that has happened here, is to get out there and see it all for yourself.

Happy travels, and get ready to Discover Platte County!

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